A downloadable game for Windows

A short Metroidvania set in the basement of the DMV. It is your mission to renew your license by any means necessary. Unlike most metroidvanias, the acquiring of new abilities can only be achieved by filling-out and filing the proper forms. Are you a bad-enough dude to do paper work?


  • PS4 Controller
    • Move: Left Joystick or DPad
    • Jump: X
  • Keyboard (do not use numberpad)
    • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys
    • Jump: Space
    • X: 1
    • Circle: 2
    • Triangle: 3
    • Square: 4
  • Xbox One Controller:
    • Move: Left Joystick or DPad
    • Jump: B
    • X: B
    • Circle: X
    • Triangle: Y
    • Square: A

Made for the 2017 Athens Game Jam, Theme: Bureaucracy

Catherine Ball, Ben Burgh, Kelly Gallagher, Mohd Hassan


DMVania.zip 28 MB


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Why are govermental basements filled with spikes?!

Very funny game. Good job.