Physics-based minigolf game, where you create tornadoes to hurl the ball to the hole. Originally made for Minijam #26, STORMS.


-L Click to create a tornado

-R Click to cancel

-R to reload level

-Escape to return to main menu (# shots will not be saved)


-The most realistic tornado-based minigolf game on the market!

-9 courses, each with their own unique flavor

-Experimental music featuring tornado sirens?


Tip: If you're having trouble, think about the tornadoes rotation, and how that rotation can translate into a straight path for the ball's movement. The physics are (mostly) deterministic, you just need to figure out the right shot!


v1.1: Added "r=retry" tip to second level

v1.2: Reduced volume of the siren by 1/3, fixed typo (No e in disastrously)


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